2024 National Primary English Conference: My Voice, My Writing: Empowering children to be great writers

About this conference:

This year’s conference will focus on writing and how teachers can inspire children to find their authentic writing voice whilst developing their accuracy and skills.  

 "As we continue to record alarmingly low levels of writing enjoyment among children and young people, urgent coordinated action is needed. It is now time to provide considered opportunities aimed at reconnecting children and young people with the creative elements that transform writing into a pleasurable personal practice." National Literacy Trust: Annual Literacy Survey June 2023 

How can you empower all children to be motivated, effective writers?

How can you ensure that children are involved in their own authentic writing process, feeling confident in their own voices?

Our impressive line-up of expert speakers includes Michael Rosen, Neil Mercer, Navan Govender, Sam Creighton, Katya Balen, Nicola Izibili, Debra Myhill and our own advisers, all of whom will provide inspiration for successful writing teaching.

Some topics covered will include: oracy, writing for authentic purpose and audience, the reading-writing connection, functional grammar choices, and diversity and inclusion.

You will take away a range of practical strategies to apply immediately within the classroom to enhance children’s experiences of writing. You will feel galvanised to develop the strategic vision and leadership of writing teaching across the whole school. 

To view the full agenda, please CLICK HERE.

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