Early Talk Boost Training

Early Talk Boost is an evidence-based targeted intervention aimed at children, aged 3-4, who need help with talking and understanding words and/or need help to boost their language skills to narrow the gaps between them and their peers. 

Evidence suggests that Early Talk Boost can accelerate a child’s progress in language and communication by an average of 6 months during the 9-week programme. 

Children, who are selected to take part in Early Talk Boost, will attend three sessions per week, each lasting 15-20 minutes. The activities, in the session, cover the foundation skills in speech, language and communication that children need for learning and understanding new words, as well as having conversations. 



We want to deliver Early Talk Boost. What are the next steps?

There are two parts to Early Talk Boost:

  1. Attend Early Talk Boost training with a licenced tutor.
  2. Purchase the Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack.

1. Early Talk Boost Training

Practitioners must attend Early Talk Boost Training with a licenced tutor.

As part of this training, you will learn about the:

Theory behind Early Talk Boost

Development of speech, language, and communication skills

Types of speech, language and communication need and the impact it has on a child’s wider development. 

Layout and structure of the intervention

Approach to implementing the intervention, including how to:

Identify the children who will benefit from Early Talk Boost

Deliver the intervention

Monitor and track progress

Involve parents in supporting their child’s language development

Once completed, no further training is required to deliver the intervention. The intervention can be delivered multiple times to new groups of children in the setting.

On successful completion of the training, the licenced tutor will provide details on how participants can access a certificate of attendance from Speech and Language UK.

2. Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack

The Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack can be purchased from Speech and Language UK. It is a one-off purchase and can be used for all future interventions.


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