Lifting the lid on joy through open-ended play

About this course

Join us to explore open-ended play when considering how to meet, support and enhance your curriculum implementation.

Playing with open-ended resources stimulates imagination, which uses multiple parts of the brain, promoting growth and development. Awe and wonder is at the heart of open-ended play. Our children should experience the feeling of joy and excitement every day.

Within play there are different ways to both scaffold and challenge. By reflecting on ways to deliver and set up activities that don’t put a ceiling on learning, thinking about how key skills are planned for.

This training will explore this further and learn how to ensure your setting is always inspiring and play is limitless.

Learning outcomes

  • explore the benefits of using open-ended play to meet and support your curriculum implementation
  • reflect on ways to encourage children to experience joy through play
  • considering ways to teach and deliver without putting limits on learning
  • unlocking children’s imaginative play by offering opportunities of awe and wonder

  • Event Type: Training: Webinar
Price: £39.00
VAT (20%) £7.80
13:00 - 15:00 06/11/2024
100 Available
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